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Ideally, there is no entertainment on board. Most people hang out near the pool. If you don't have something to do on land, you will become bored very fast. There are classes to go to but I didn't go to all of them, I've seen only a few of them. I missed napkin folding - what a bummer, now what will I show my friends? I did see the towel folding demonstration, that was kind of amusing. How to make a ribbon rose? come on people! It's like visiting the old folks home, or kindergarten, don't they have anything more interesting to do on board?

The food isn't so great that I would gorge myself every day. And I don't want to pick up skin cancer like half the people out there. As a side point, I really didn't need to see that much skin on certain people. I know it sounds like I'm complaining a lot, but this is really all true.

There is a pool table you can shoot a game with, located in the Colony Club.

On one of the days, they had tour the Bridge. This is very important, not allowed on the bridge are the following: NO CAMERA'S or ELECTRONICS, or BAGS. You have to wait in a very long line. They sweep you with a metal detector. Inside, your photo is taken, wear a clean shirt (unlike me). There are holes covered in glass in the floor on the flying bridge. It's how the captain can park so well and so close. Personally I didn't want to step on it; always having that inherent fear that I'll be the one who breaks it and falls through. So, I stepped over it, in doing so, I almost grabbed one of the control levers that moves the ship. I stopped myself in time, hopefully they lock out those controls. It looked like a thruster control. That would have made an interesting little story though.

After the picture, you can see the captain in his chair answering mundane questions like: How high up are we? 10 meters. How many feet in a meter? 3 I think.

What kind of fuel does it run on? Then 4 more ask the same exact question. It was pretty boring really. On the other hand it was the most stable part of the boat. And it had by far the best view. The only thing I learned that day was that the captain got chocolate chip cookies, and we didn't. I had to resist temptation taking the captains cookies.

You can go to the video arcade, but it's 50 cents a play, and that can add up real fast. Or you can go to the Casino - only open at certain times. Kids are not allowed in.

There's bingo and the horse race. Bingo is played every day. The horse race, is at the end of the trip. Betting is explained before the rules, and people are dumb enough to place bet's before they even know how the horses move. The race takes place near the bar outside the pool. It's a toss of the dice game.

Ping Pong Tables

I was wondering where they hid this. I only saw one table on board, it's on Deck 12 I belive. Near the basket ball court. See the high walls on the sides. It should keep the ball in place, while keeping the wind down. It can be very windy out there.

The Rock Climbing Wall

You can entertain yourself and other's by trying to climb this wall. I think fee's do apply, but I really don't know. I was never out here to see anyone climb it.

The Basket Ball Court

Positioned right above the Wind Jammer, is this court. It's next to the kiddie pool area. If you dare, you can sit behind the net.

Last hole - Mini golf - with Sand traps

Never played the mini-golf. This is all the way in the back, deck 13. How one plays on a moving boat, I don't know. The last hole should be this one, as it has a sand trap. Looking at it closer you can see different grades of "grass" with tiny tree like things off on the side. The water hazard is a real killer though.

Concentration - Ice Sculpter

"Concentration" - Poor guy. On almost the last day they got out the ice sculptor. It was really hot out - 85-90f. I was in shorts and I was hot. He had pants, A jacket, and a hat, and had to work under pressure conditions to carve that thing in front of people. And he doesn't get a tip.

From the start it was a guessing game, what could he be making. It was a boring game. And kids got in my way.







Presto! A Dolphin

Presto! A Dolphin and Snow.

Belly Flop Contest

Ahh now this is quality entertainment! It's the belly flop contest. Where the announcer says that size does not always matter.

2nd Place Winner

I missed who won Third Place. This guy won Second. As the announcer reminded us that size doesn't always matter.

1st Place Winner

First place winner - size matters. I'll have to look at the movie I made to find the winning splash. They all splashed a second time for a final count. I think the count is up to 5 fingers. Everyone can vote, I don't know who counts it. Also there is a guy with a camera, probably for that $25 video they want you to buy in the end.

Art Auction

The boat is full of art that is for sale. Items for sale are pictures, prints, cartoon cells and a few other things. Most of it really ugly. Each day they hold auction's for this, it's the real kind complete with auctioneer fast talk. It takes place in the Centrum, they keep announcing it until there's enough people there. The last day they tried a picture at around $2000 or more. Didn't sell, probably still there.

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