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These are all links that I found useful in researching this particular trip. Some are just fun, other's are useful.

Airline Related

Airline Meals - Has breakfast, lunch, and dinner on just about every airline. See what you may be eating before your there. See the true difference in a first class meal, compared to the coach stuff. It's pretty funny in a way, coach class looks like a cafeteria meal. First class, fancy.

Seat GURU - This page has many, many planes. It shows which seats should be sat in, and which ones you should avoid. It shows a map of the plane, so you can get an idea of where you are in the plane. And more so, you know where the bathrooms are, exits, and kitchen area.

ePhotoZine - This is a basic information page. How to take pictures from a window of a plane. What to do, not do, and a few ideas.

Prohibited and permitted items allowed - Has links to DOC and PDF files as to what is and is not allowed inside the plane. Both in carry on and check in luggage. Click Here for the DOC file of the list. Click here for the PDF version of the file. Click HERE - If those links moved, this is the search phrase.

Luggage Online - Has bag size limits.

Francis Savings - It's sideline has a luggage size list.

Airline Bumping Information - More then you need to know about being bumped.

Aurora Luggage - Has a list of Major Airlines, with a link that should bring you right to the luggage limits.

Discover Abroad - More charts on luggage sizes.

All Discount Luggage - Luggage tips, along with a huge amount of luggage they sell.

Independent Traveler - Yet more info about luggage sizes.

Packing for the Abacos - A basic guide on restrictions for baggage.

BBB - General info about lost luggage.

MSNBC - Over sized bags, be prepared to pay, a short article about this topic.

Travel and Transport - Airline and security news. Very up to date!

Avoid the X-Ray's - Explains what will happen to your film if it goes through, and what to do to avoid it from happening.

Continental - Electronic Devices - This is for Continental, but should apply to other's as well, What electronics you can use or not use onboard.

Azumano Away - Current news about air travel.

Journeys Travel Center - Has news related to travel.

Luggage Tips

UniGlobePlus - Packing tips and Airport guidelines.

Airline Baggage Regulations - Provides useful charts, and information on the proper sizes the luggage should be. The chart is for carry on luggage of all major lines.

Cruise Diva - Luggage - Discusses luggage concerns. Has charts of fines for extra baggage, allowances, and packing tips.

Packing tips from the pro's - Basic things to remember to pack.

The Wisconsin Union - Has a number of tips in luggage, security, and other useful information.

CitiBreaks - Has basic tips on different things, luggage is one of them.

Tropical Ecology - This is a bit more remote then your standard packing tips page. This person goes into the deep tropics. It probably doesn't apply to most vacations, but you never know. There's some interesting advice in there, things you may never thought of.

Maritime Travel - More stuff to think about when you want to know what to bring. Restrictions stuff.

Packing List - A nice sized list of things you might forget.

More Packing Lists - More stuff to think about.

One Bag - Someone wrote a whole site dedicated to being able to live out of one single bag. A lot of good information in here.

Airline Baggage Rules - Sizes, Damage, Etc.

Ace Travel - Has many packing tips, along with things to do before the trip, and at the gate.

Motion Sickness

How to avoid Motion Sickness - Just a few things to keep in mind.

James Roy Holliday III - Another Accu-pressure site. This site gives pictures of the locations and how to do it. It all might sound silly, but companies sell those sea bands, and people claim those work.

Meclizine - This is one of the things they give on board. Bonine etc, is a trade name. Here are the warnings you should read about it.

MECLIZINE (MEK-li-zeen) - Another page just for this one drug, warnings and such.

Flora - Everything you ever wanted to know about Ginger. Ginger the root, not the stranded guest. Ginger is supposed to combat sea sickness. It has a different taste, and I recommend to get some a few months prior, to get used to the taste. It burns a little by the way.

Gernot Katzer's Spice Pages - This site has info about Ginger, and other spices.

Ginger People - Ginger may be the best, or at least safest thing you can take to help with a upset tummy. I found it helped when I had heart burn, and an upset stomach. I get mine at a local fruit store, I couldn't find it anywhere else. This place sells only Ginger, they are a little more pricey then other places, but if you can't find any, it's better then nothing. The candied version can be bought at a nice food store in the baking section, they come in small tin cans with a plastic lid.

More Sea Sickness Remedies - A collection of items that might help combat Sea Sickness. This page is actually for divers, but it's good information all around.

Nausea Info - Another small list of tips.

Sea Products Online - A collection of items to help you out. SeaBands, Herbs, Ginger, and other products.

The Original Sea Band - Makers of a small elastic device that fit's around the wrist of both arms. It's supposed to, and many claim, that it relieves motion sickness due to pressure on a certain spot on the wrist. It's basically an elastic strap with an M&M sized piece of plastic on it. I got mine at a local drug store, you can get them here online. It's cheaper then an electronic version other places sell.

Cruise Diva - Motion Sickness - Contains ideas at where the sickness comes from, so you can prevent it from happening, so you know what to avoid.

Sickness aboard - Questions and answers about what happens if you get sick on board.

Radiance of the Seas - Photo's

My Travel - Great pictures of most of the rooms on the boat. All the pictures are in panorama format using Ipix.

Cruise Stateroom - A great site, with a very confusing layout. It has most of the rooms layed out as 3-D rooms. So you get a pretty good idea of what your room looks like. Pretty cool.

Cruise Max Inc - Has a bunch of small pictures of the ship.

Fotki - Radiance of the Seas - He has a whole bunch of pictures of the ship. Over 200 pictures are stored there.

Cruise Watch - More shots, not a lot, but some.

Global Destinations - Shows mostly the rooms.

Travelocity - This is perhaps the best site for cruise ships at least. I don't know about their prices, but they have a great, clear, clean, large map of all the decks. There is a nice picture and a pretty good description of the rooms in there as well.

Bob Hershey's Photo Page - Mostly snap shots of the vacation. Some island shots, family, few others.


Radiance of the Seas by Steve J. Garrod - A large review with many photo's.

Hansa - International Maritime Journal - Not really a review, but more like a very length but descriptive advertisement.

The Hershey's - A pretty decent sized review, with ratings.

Vacations to go - A brief review, with pictures.

Radiance of the Seas by CSchutz - A review from June 2001.

Radiance of the Seas by ketchum - A review from May 2001.

Radiance of the Seas by MSELLIE555 - A review from May 2001.

Cruise Reviews - A basic review covering the islands.

A number of reviews - Including the Radiance, it has many pictures, and a pretty lengthy review. It doesn't cover the itinerary we had, but it had the boat, and that's all what really wanted.

Cruise Reviews - Index - Contains some of the ones I posted, plus a few more.

Radiance of the Seas MEGA Review - Nancy Norris - A review from March 2002.

Cruise Critic - A lengthy description of the ship. Not really a review though.

Ships and Cruises - More then one cruise is listed here. They have a pretty nice review, complete with tiny pictures.

Cruise Review - Vincent & Mary Finelli - From embarkation to conclusion, even has pictures.

Cruise Page - A good sized review.

QwikFyx - A great site covering a few cruises. He writes them up inside the cabin, complete with a camera out the window. The name of the site is impossible to remember and spell right the first time though. There's quite a bit of information on this site, and he responds to e-mail. Or at least I know he did when I contacted him.

Radiance of the seas News - Not really news, but more like a good description of the vessel.

Radiance of the Seas - Public Rooms - A description of the different rooms inside.

Flagship Cruises - Explanations, Reviews, and all sort's of other information to help you out.

Radiance of the Seas by coasterwiggs - 4-night Pacific Northwest review from October 2001.

General Tips, Useful Info, etc

World Electric Guide - Neat site, it shows what the different plugs look like, and a bunch of related tips.

Steve Kropla - Has world help, phones, electric guides, and things like that.

MAPS - I have this link sprinkled all over this page. But the maps are really good, and this link will bring you right to the page that has all the maps you should need.

CDC Travelers Health - A little scary to read if your into phobia's. Basically it's a site that is full of disease and outbreak info. Good if your going to a real exotic place.

Cruise Tip Calculator - It has the major lines, hit the button, and it will tell you exactly what you'll need. How many of each bill to bring and who to give it to.

Cruise Mates - Lots of cruise info, articles, itinerary , reviews etc.

First Time Cruisers guide to cruising - A number of need to know facts are listed here.

Flexo-Line - I never did get around getting this device. It's a high tech clothes line. Holds 12 pounds stretches to 7 feet. Don't need clothes pins.

Pullman Beds - This is a discussion about the beds that pull down from the ceiling. Knowing I would be in one, I needed to get some info about them.

Candy's Cruise Planner - A very in depth sight. Covers security, dining, insurance, packing, just about everything. Cool site.

Caribbean Compass Newsletter - Links, articles etc.

Caribbean Hurricane Network - Might be a good place to check if your in that season.

Things to do before your cruise - Before, During and After, a list for you.

Excursions we went to - Links

San Juan

WEATHER - San Juan - It's more important to know the weather here then the other's. As this is where you'll be landing and launching from.

Old San Juan - Provides basic descriptions of the areas you should see.

Apple Vacations - Covers the all around basics, such as drinking water, currency, banking, climate, electricity, etc.

Cruise Critic - A kind of who's who of San Juan. Covering things like getting around, things to see, etc.

Go to Puerto Rico - Covers the major sites to see.

Interactive Map of Puerto Rico - It's pretty neat, click on an area and it give's you listings of companies in that area. Not sure if that would help anyone, but it's listed here, because, what else am I going to do with it?

SunShine Tours - Provides more information on certain places to see. Mostly it's an excursion package of it's own, but may provide more insight as to what is there.

Puerto Rico Traveling Tips - Being on a cruise, you probably won't need any of these. But there are interesting tid bits of stuff in there.

Tourist Information - Contains annoying bird sounds for one. But more then that travel information, and phone numbers of important places.

Map - Not the most attractive map in the world, but it covers the area.

Promosure - The it's not the best quality, this site has scans of brochures of places in San Juan.

St. Thomas

Virgin Gorda - A collection of photo's from around this area.

WEATHER - St. Thomas - This is a great site, world weather. This site shows you everything you need to know.

Someone else's review - Pictures and a basic review from someone's vacation.

Maps - A small collection of maps of this area and St. Johns.

MAP - USVI - A great map of the area, along with several others.

Coral World - You become the aquarium, as you basically walk under the ocean and see live coral. Click Here - for a coupon. Don't know how long it lasts, and it would only be good if you paid yourself.

History and Activities - Gives a quick history lesson, activities, and accommodations.

What to see - Descriptions of a few places.

Virgin Island Tourist Tips - Contains information about the place.

St. Maarten - St. Martin

Inter Knowledge - Contains information about the towns.

Airplane Picture Gallery - This is pretty cool. There is a beach called Maho Beach. Every day at around 3pm, planes land at the airport. The beach is very tiny as you can see. And the planes are literary a stone's throw away. I think there is a bar there that at the same time, top less gals drink free.

Butterfly Farm - Admission is pretty low if you go yourself. This poor place has been knocked down by many storms. But rebuilt every time. They have over 40 species I believe.

MAP - Margot - and other - A great map of the area.

Cruise Critic - St. Maarten - Port's of call, cocktails, stuff like that.

Cruise Critic - St. Martin - Same as the above, but the other side of the island.

The Travel Lady - Dutch St, Maarten - A Lengthy description of things to see.

Frommers - Everything you need is here, there is no point in buying their book.

Someone else's vacation - Mostly snaps of the area.

St. Maarten, St. Martin Information - EVERYTHING you need to know and more is found right here.

Cruise Critic Message Board - Current discussions of the island. - Has listings of all the islands. It's a basic description that may help out.

St. Johns

St. John's Photo Gallery - A few pictures from the area.

WEATHER - St. Johns - Current weather.

Antigua & Barbudo Calendar of events - The likely hood of an event falling on the day your there, is very remote. But here it is anyway.

St. Johns Antigua - Information about the area, not very long.

Antigua - Info about the towns.

Birds of Antigua - A site I found when looking for the local animals of the place.

MAP - Antigua - A small cheap map.

MAP - A great map of the area. Yeah this is like the 3rd time I have this site posted. But each place is a different location.

MAP - Cruz Bay - A cheap map of the area.

MAP - St. Johns - A fair map of the area.

Cruise Critic - St. Johns - Ports of call - Lists the drinks, transportation and the like.

Photo Gallery - A few colorful pictures of the area.

Snorkeling Guide - I got this because I was looking for animals. This shows where to dive and what you'll see.

St. Johns Information - History and Activities.

USVI St. Johns - Basic Information.

Bridgetown Barbados

Virgin Islands - Fauna - I'm putting this one here, because it doesn't fit anywhere else. This page has a general list of animals to look for.

Barbados: Points and Places of Interest - Self Explanatory.

Caribbean Trip - Barbados - Places to see, with small descriptions.

The Flower Forest - A description of the flower forest.

Barbados - Facts about the island, pretty detailed.

Harrison's Cave - Never actually went there, but I have the link.

Lorkin's guide to Barbados - Activities, things to do, Includes maps, not great ones though.

Maps of Barbados - Mostly links to maps you have to pay for, ewww... But if you need it you need it.

Orchid World - They have have over 20,000 orchids.

Photography Related - for Vacations

Photographing Butterflies - This site has more then just this, but since I was going to take shots of butterflies, I should find places that explain what they did.

Bergen County Camera - A range of tips to help you out.

Taking Great Vacation Photos With Your Digital Camera - This can apply to film as well, but as it's sponsored from Microsoft, it's digital. Basically it's a bunch of basic tips to help improve composition.

Flora and Fauna - Lists some of the native animals on the islands. Good to know if you want shots of these things.

Vacation Itinerary - A list of things to remember for your digital camera.

Avoid the X-Ray's - Explains what will happen to your film if it goes through, and what to do to avoid it from happening. This is a repeated link for this section only.

Nature Photo Index - Lists animals from this area that you could see.

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