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The Stores

There is one area that is the store section. They are only open when we are out to sea. They want you to shop on land. The store sells different things at different times. There is a general store that has the usual over priced junk. Mugs, shirts, jackets, toys, stuff like that. The center part changes by the hour. Jewelry, Watches, Perfume, etc. They naturally encourage you to buy. After all it's Duty free, it's Tax free. But the watches and the like were about 40% above list price. There was a camera there, several years old, out of date, more expensive then when it was new.

Watch out if you buy over your duty limit. The boat reports this to the duties manager, and if you don't say that you are over the limit you will be fined. The Boat keeps a finders fee.

The alcohol prices were better as I understand it. My father bought some rum. 1 liter per person is the allowed amount. You buy it, they hold it until the end of the trip. If you want it for your room $10 per bottle extra.

They do not give you a box or something to put it in. If you think you will buy something, bring something along, maybe an inflatable something, or a wine cushion of some kind. When you first board the boat, they have a rum tasting stand. This is where you can sample different flavors. I think they have one inside as well, but only at certain times.

We packed ours in the free cooler they gave us (as we missed a whole island because it was closed for New Years). Packed it with clothes, and it got home just fine.


These are your choices.


Note the Hours. Only after we leave is it open.

Death Sticks

I have no idea if this is a good price for these death sticks or not. They are certainly large enough though. Each box must of stood 12" high.


Some of the rum they sell here. I never saw the whole selection. But you can window shop in the hallway. Sorry about the reflections, I toned them down the best I could. Ok technically I could do better, but this is a nothing picture, and I didn't want to spend time on. You see what you made me do, I had to waste my time typing that. And that, and that, argh.

More Booze

More booze. Bowling anyone?

Xmas stuff

I can't imagine what would be in this window normally. I suppose more scarves like they had in another display. As it was just Christmas, they were selling weird things like this.

xmas close

Minus that gold thing on it's head, it's a fairly artistic shot.

Useless boat

Want an ugly model of the boat? This totally useless thing can be found in the logo store.

Paper Weight

They had cute little paper weights here. The real color is clear, I apparently forgot to color balance it.


The boat sells it's own line of salad dressings, and other sauces. All the menu's all a state the same thing - made with such and such. This is such and such, and it can be found here. Some of it is good, the rest, tasteless. Worst barb-q-sauce I ever had (edible, but nothing all that special).


LLadro? Are people insane? You don't buy fine breakables on vacation. Well some guy did in the air port. I saw his bag break, and that large Lladro box fell about 15" to the ground, with the other things on top of it. Oh well, kind of sad, but I laughed anyway. You don't buy that stuff here. They also has Swarovski stuff here, but easy to lose.


They have their own perfume shop. Their are samples and spraying sessions. The first day beware the escalator, they are there waiting for your wrist. Must resist contact, or risk smelling good to bees.

Fine Breakables

They sell other fine breakables as well if your interested.

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