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Art Work

There is a lot of art work onboard. Some goes on auction. The rest is on display. The Centrum has a large spoked structure that sway's when we move. Or it stays still and we move around it. The art can be found in every hall and stair well. The stair wells have their own theme. One was modern art, The other kind of a post modern. One was abstract, the other had pictures. These are only samples.

Every flight of stairs has something like this at each level.

They have many of these large, thick, glass murials.

This is near the computer area. At least there's a theme here.

This difference between night and day. This small area is outside of the solarium near the hair salon. In the day it's a cloudy sky. At night, stars.

Different kinds of standing art.

Of things here, I like this best - it does decorate where the bathrooms are, but it's still nice. They have a bunch of them. Made out of stone.

Marylin Monroe I think is found on Deck 13. At first I thought it was wood. But it's just fiberglass.

This is some of the stuff up for auction.

Things found in stair wells. The chairs were featured on one side of the boat. The other had things trapped in Lucite.

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