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The Food

Perhaps the only one most important part of the whole cruise is the food. Listed here are all the food related things like: Dinners, Eating places, Buffets, etc. This may be the only reason why your here. I divided the food section into 5 parts. This page has most of the menu's, and food examples (Some of which I've eaten).

Food on this vessel was very disappointing. The food was set up with weird combinations that didn't go well together. All the food was either too spicy or too salty. And a lot of it was very dry. Anything to encourage you to drink. The food was very basic in the dining room for the first few days, the choices were fancier sounding later on in the trip, about half way through.

The best foods that I liked: The shrimp is very good, and the pecan pie (in the Wind Jammer, when found, is very good). Also good was the Raspberry Cheesecake, the raspberry sauce had seeds in it, which I didn't like. Other then that everything was so-so. I suppose excuses can be made that when cooking for thousands of people the quality has to go somewhere. But in reality hotels do this all the time. The food stays the same, here it didn't.

The water in the main dining room was better then room water. Our family chose to have the wine card, where they deliver one bottle of wine to the table each day our choice from a card. It was the best deal they had if you wanted wine. I had water, I don't like wine, and don't want to pay nearly $3.00 a glass for a soda.

I'm starting with all of the menus, It's a little mixed up but you should get an idea of what's here. I had to shrink it down quite a bit most of it is still readable.

No midnight buffet! That stinks! I was hoping to see it. New years is the worst time to go.

Centrum Menu

Centrum Menu Back

These are the menu's found in the Centrum. Every large gathering place has a bar of it's own. I think all the prices are consistent. It's the reason why I'm sticking it all one one page.

Schooner Bar Menu

This one is from the Schooner bar.

Breakfast Dining Room Menu

An example breakfast menu from the main dining room.

Menu from dinner

A example dinner menu from the main dining room.

The menu changes every day. And I think it changes from trip to trip. Every day at dinner the bread is always different depending on what tonight's theme is - so don't ignore the bread. The salad and soup changes as well. The soup is either hot or cold. The cold is a fruit of some kind, and honestly tastes something like watery baby food. The onion soup was very, very salty. The appetizer's weren't too bad, hard to remember them all.

I do have to say that the food looked good on the plate. But they just had weird stuff. On the side they had a carrot mashed up, like they do to potato's. Hard to describe the odd flavors they mixed in.

Desert Menu from Main

This is an example Desert Menu from the main dining room. All of the menu's have a vegetarian section and a diet section. As I understand the veggie section is pretty good, as there is a selection. The deserts are the same, minus the veggie's. Every menu has a pie, several cakes, and ice cream. The ice cream, I think, is all made on the boat. Each day it's a custom flavor, but you can't ask for yesterday's flavor. Vanilla is a default. Order ice cream, and get a couple of cookies to go with it. The cakes were pretty good, you can order ice cream on the side, and get as many deserts as you want. All of the cakes can be found at the Wind Jammer.

2003 Cake

2003 New Years - This was our desert. This is the quality I was expecting. Thick chocolate mousse, thick chocolate shell, raspberries on top, a ginger snap gang plank, gold symbol, some kind of oranges on the bottom? That was a weird and not needed part. But this one was good, and probably isolated from normal trips.

Shrimp Dinner

This is both creepy and good. These are shrimp before the attack. The head waiter, as far as I'm concerned, doesn't do enough to get a $2.00 per person per day tip in the end. So he makes himself useful. On shrimp day, he pushes you aside, and guts your shrimp. It looks awful afterwards, like a tragic accident. And it makes the chef's look stupid, like they forgot to do something. But in the end it tasted good.

Lobster day was the same, he came over, stabbed, yanked, and a Poof! A pile of lobster before me. By the way, yes, you can order a second one. But it take a while, and if your at the first seating, you'll get a half, and no help from the head waiter on the second. You'll have to tear it apart yourself. The picture of the lobster is from Portofino's, they have a display, they have the same dish.

I should also mention that the lamb, and filet mignon, was not what I was expecting. the lamb had a funny taste. And the the mignon, looked like a normal steak.

Also a quick note on birthday cakes. 10x10 inches, cut from a bigger cake, sides aren't covered, and it's divided to the fit whole table. All of this is accompanied by bad singing waiters, with the head waiter singing the loudest. Jingle dogs has a more pleasant melody.

Onion Tart

An onion tart - terrible by the way. Like onions and rubber.


The waiter said that the pork chop was dry. He was right, it was. I wasn't real hungry, so I didn't bother to send it back. This was on the first night. There wasn't a lot of flashing cameras the first few nights, I didn't want to be the only one. So the resolution isn't as good as it can be.


I never ate here - $20 a head just to be here. The place is very small - that's what you pay for, the food looks the same. The deserts look better. They have a tray of examples outside their place, that's where I got these from.










One thing is for sure, I like the look of the deserts, and the plates.




Steak examples from Choppes Grill, do you really want to pay $20 a head for this stuff? Main dining room is free, and steak is served quite a bit.

Loading Day

Most of the day's are loading days. In San Juan they did the food.

Loading Food

Look at all the water melons! They never really served watermelon. They do carve it though, but still that is a lot of water melons. Makes you wonder if Gallagher is on board.

Sniffing Food

Dogs sniff the boxes before they go in. These pictures were taken from the main deck.

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